10 Ingenious Spice Storage Ideas

Ingenious Spice Storage Ideas are the perfect way to have your spice cabinets organized, without having to make a major renovation. This is a relatively easy project for even the novice handyman, and a much faster and less costly alternative to renovating the entire structure of your spice cabinet. When you consider the time it would take to work on and the materials that would be required to complete the task, these storage ideas actually cost very little to implement and you will be able to benefit greatly from them.

There are an endless number of ways in which you can decorate your spice cabinets. You can paint your shelves, add beautiful paintings, put up floral patterns, or use your imagination and paint your shelves with decorative pictures. If you choose to paint your shelves, you will need to remove the glass and replace it with plain wood or acrylic paint. When you want to replace the paint, you can also use acrylics that are both easy to clean and look beautiful when painted.

A great way to display your spices is by arranging them in baskets. You can hang baskets filled with spices from the ceiling, as well as hanging baskets on your wall so that they are hanging down. These baskets will help give the look of sophistication that you are going for.

An innovative idea for an added decoration is to cover your cabinets with colorful fabric. You can use fabric wraps that you can sew onto your cabinets to create designs, or you can use fabric squares that you can weave into the fabric.

Ingenious Storage Ideas has been around for many years and they are still one of the most popular storage ideas for spice cabinets. If you are looking for a stylish way to organize your spice cabinets, consider making them look like expensive bookshelves.

First, you will need to measure your cabinets in various colors so that you can determine the appropriate size. Then you will need to cut pieces of wire about two inches apart and hook the ends into your spice holders. Wrap them with scrap fabric, and then glue them to the wood, and you have a beautiful piece of decorative lighting.

You can also add your own flair to Ingenious Storage Ideas. You can glue letters to the spice holders, put up various floral decorations or use flower seeds to fill out the shelves.

As you can see, there are many Ingenious Spice Storage Ideas to choose from. Take some time to do a little research and you will find a great project for a friend or a family member who wants to help you in your spice collecting. This is a great gift that is inexpensive and will provide you with hours of enjoyment!


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