8 DIY Farmhouse Styled Girls Bedroom Transformation

Let’s look at the possibilities for building a girls’ bedroom out of a farmhouse-style design. There are lots of themes in which to choose from, but if you’re interested in one of the more traditional farmhouse styles, here are some ideas.

If you like barn-style designs, that’s what you might like to see. From barn wallpapers and cushions to barn-style furniture, you’ll find all the items you need. There’s also a barn art to add to the room as well.

If you love simple designs like the simple of days or the grand of Cornelia House, you might want to try this one. You could have a homesteading theme in the farmhouse-style room and just add a little extra touch. A pull-out couch would make it more comfortable, but don’t make it too big, since it could get too cozy. If you have a little bit of a crowd in the room, think about putting in a few more chairs and a little table.

With a double bed, a little double mattress, a headboard, and two more drawers, you could turn this into a two queen bed bedroom for two girls. The kids’ bed can be put away if the girls are growing up and having their own bedroom, and space will stay free for two more children, even if they sleep in their parents’ rooms at night.

If you really want a style that is timeless, check out the simplicity of the farmhouse style. With just a bed and a dresser, you could pull together a bedroom that will look just as good as any other children’s bedroom. What’s more, you can bring in all the plants and decorations you want, without having to worry about having to keep up with the rest of the room.

Rustic and country styles are also popular for children’s bedrooms. You could do the same thing in a country-style room. It doesn’t have to be totally farmhouse, though.

Modern designs tend to have more of a laid back look to them. You could easily add a TV in the corner, and a funky lamp, but if you prefer something more traditional, just stick with a nice queen bed. Who says you can’t have a girls’ room that’s perfect for two girls?

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